Retirement comes with a whole lot of changes that can feel abrupt regardless of how long you have been preparing. One of the biggest things you will have to decide about is your house. Most retirees don’t need much space, so there are several options to consider when planning for retirement. The common options are:

Selling your Seven Hills home

Selling outright is the first obvious option. You will naturally want to sell your house if you are moving to another location after retirement. If you need the money to offset some of the payment for the new home, then this would be a smart move.


Downsizing is a popular choice when it comes to retirement. Going to a smaller house may reflect your new position in life more appropriately. On an emotional level though, it may not be easy to leave the neighborhood where you’ve always lived. Downsizing is an option if you are not moving to a new city and can find something suitable in your area.

Retain your house

Most seniors prefer to stay in the house that they have grown to love. This choice allows you to stay in Seven Hills and the people in your life. Keeping your home is also a great option when you have owned it for a long time and have considerable equity.


The option to relocate from your accustomed environment altogether is something to which lots of retirees look forward. This choice can bring new excitement to retiring and can make the whole process worthwhile. You can travel to see new neighborhoods and meet new people, or you can leave your house for a new one in a new place altogether.

Renting a place

You may decide that the best option for you is to rent a home in a senior-living facility. When you are looking to rent a place, you should check for all the features that you want in an apartment and a neighborhood. Your new neighborhood should give you all the experiences that you relish. Renting a house should be budget-friendly for you if you decide to go this route.

Build your retirement home

Some people have a picture of what type of house they want to live in at retirement. They plan towards this and make it happen by investing in building it. Retirement is a great time to start a building project and creating a new home is an excellent use of retirement funds. If you can start the project before your retirement, even better.

Whatever options that you choose, retirement is a great time to live life making yourself happy. Take plenty of time to think about where your life is now before choosing which retirement real estate options best suits you. Then  me a call to make it happen.